Pre Order FS-01D (ARR) - MST

  • Model: 532102
  • Manufactured by: MST
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The MST FS-01D is a true front motor chassis. As expected of all our chassis, the FS-01D offers a huge range of tuning options, including 4 different battery mounting locations allowing you to get the exact balance you want. Lavished in silver aluminum, the FS is both unique and pleasing to the eye!

Many of the parts for this chassis are interchangeable with the MS-01D model, so upgrades are simple and can be interchanged if you have more than one of our chassis. The FS-01D includes many optional extras including aluminum dampers, bulkheads and motor cooling bar!

If you have more skill than the rest of us mortals, the FS-01D is the chassis to use if you are seeking the RWD grail... and want to convert this 4WD chassis!

  • Scale : 1:10
  • Wheelbase : Standard 257mm (adjustable from 255mm – 259mm)
  • Track width : Standard 186mm (adjustable from 186mm – 190mm)
  • Gear ratio : 2.0 ( 36T/18T )
  • Drive system : 2 belts / 4WD
  • Damper : Oil damper
  • Suspension : A arm (Double wishbone) w/pillowball suspension system
  • Steering tie rod : Division into three
  • Bearing: Full ball bearings
  • Caster : 10 or 14 degrees front, 4, 7, 10 or 14 degrees rear
  • Camber : 0 to -12 degrees