XEX (ZE-Cross) - Overdose

  • Model: OD2100
  • Manufactured by: Overdose
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Overdose's 3rd full kit is finally here! Code name "XEX" (Ze-Cross) is unlike any other chassis on the market! The spaced frame design for the main chassis allows for a light weight durable basis to a sharp drift control precision and high traction. The modular design allows for easy maintenance which is more demanding as new and exciting venues are opening up across the country!

The front and rear suspension is attached to the frame to prevent chassis roll frictions which generally restrict the alignment change force and makes it difficult to maintain precise drift angle. All important features in today's demanding competitive arena.

A high-accuracy gear drive is applied to the newly designed rear drive unit. This minimizes the drive friction for smoother throttle control response. Add in the adjustable idler gear which allows for the replacement of counter gear sizes (optional feature), which offers a wide variety of CS drive ratios.

Additionally, the elimination of the standard plate style main chassis (bottom deck) gives the chassis bottom a mechanical look. The battery can be replaced from beneath the chassis with the removal of a single body pin.

The glass fiber mixed plastic steering slide rack features the best ackerman and steering angle.

The suspension system is shared by the popular Divali and Vacula chassis which allow for a large number of interchangeable parts. Then add on the high precision alloy shocks and you will see that Overdose will never compromise our suspension system in any chassis.

**Expected Date December 2015 - Limited Quantities Available**

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