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Center Driveshaft Set, Molded: Mc4x4 - Losi

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Losi Micro T Body with Stickers (Blue) - Losi

Micro T Blue Lexan Body with Stickers.

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Losi micro T Drive Shaft and Outdrive Set - Losi

Micro T/DT Drive Shaft and Outdrive Set.

Losi Micro T Suspension Hardware Set - Losi

Micro T/DT Suspension Hardware Set.

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Losi Micro T Suspension Mount and Bumper Set - Losi

Micro T/DT Suspension Mount and Bumper Set.

Losi Micro T Wheel and Hub Bearing Set - Losi

Micro T/DT/HR Wheel and Hub Bearing Set. One of our top 10 best performance upgrades for the Micro T series of vehicles.

Losi Mini T Ball Cups - Losi

These are great to build Custom links for your RC LOSI MICRO CRAWLER 12 long 2 Short

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